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If you are concerned about the health and safety of your family members, you will definitely want to evaluate the products offered by LifeSaver Group. Because each of these programs specializes in immediate response, an emergency situation does not have to become a tragedy.


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Purchase LifeSaverAppTM for each of your family members. Not only does LifeSaverAppTM give emergency responders immediate medical information in the event of a medical emergency, it also organizes your ongoing care from your various healthcare providers. You can attach lab results, visit notes, x-ray or MRI images, EKG strips, or any other test result that would be relevant for your ongoing medical care.

LifeSaverAppTM provides a personal health record (PHR) that includes all of your conditions, not just a specific doctor's notes. For persons with chronic conditions such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, COPD, respiratory problems, Alzheimer's or dementia, epilepsy, strokes, multiple sclerosis or cancer, LifeSaverAppTM keeps a current online medical record that is always available for medical emergencies or ongoing healthcare.

All yearly subscriptions will be processed by LifeSaver Group LLC and appear on your credit card with this name.  $39.95/Year

 Yearly Subscription 39.95

Lifetime Subscription 199.95

    911 SafeChild gathers all the pertinent information needed to file an immediate missing person report.


When you want to keep your child as safe as possible, 911SafeChildTM is the answer. By completing information online about your child's demographics, current pictures, people allowed to pick up your child from school, phone numbers/addresses of friends, activities and social media contacts, you have all of the information available to keep your child's busy schedule organized.  911SafeChildTM even keeps track of medical information.

In the event that your child disappears or goes missing, a complete missing child report can be given to law enforcement authorities. In addition, using a QR code, law enforcement authorities have a complete canvassing report available to talk to witnesses where your child was last seen. 911SafeChild
TM helps to prevent a parent's worst nightmare.

All yearly subscriptions will be processed by LifeSaver Group LLC and appear on your credit card with this name.  $24.95/Year

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care Notes online is a program that allows caregivers to communicate on a daily basis with families of loved ones that are geographically separated.

CareNotesOnlineTM is an online software program that is used by home healthcare agencies to communicate their daily activities the family members that are geographically separated from their loved ones receiving care. If your family member is receiving home healthcare services and you would like to know on a daily basis about the care that they are receiving, please ask them to contact Lifesaver Group for information.

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